Captured Photography by Jen | About

Who am I? Funny you should ask, because until I finally found my passion, I asked myself the same question.

Here is the abbreviated version.

Born in Wyoming, but raised in Western Nebraska since the age of 3. I am THE middle child, #3 of 5 to be exact! I graduated from Scottsbluff High School in 2002 and began [what I thought was] my career that same year. I met my soul mate in 2002, married in 2006, and welcomed a Baby Girl in 2011 (OK, enough with the personal details). 

How I became a Photographer. Well, I developed (get it, developed) a love for photographs very early in my life. I remember sitting down and going through pages and pages of photo albums that my family had growing up and looking at the changes everyone went through and the emotions that were captured in every picture. Pictures can say so much about someone, even to a perfect stranger.

In 2010 I got my first "paid" job, which pushed me to name my business and start this thing "for real". I wanted to provide people the opportunity to have their memories CAPTURED, at an affordable rate, while also providing them with exceptional customer service.

I started as a "weekender", spending every hour of every weekend and evening doing research, studying through online courses, and self-teaching myself through trial and error.

In 2011, I left my "career" of nearly 10 years (42 days short of my 10th anniversary to be exact) and went in feet first. I rented my first Studio location at 1915 Broadway in July 2011 and got to be a Photographer and a stay-at-home mom.

As the years have gone on, I have grown to love not only my Photography job, but also realized that I missed the work I was doing before, so I have made some huge advances in my career over the past year, but also have been able to continue shooting as Captured Photography by Jen.  So, although I cannot take as many appointments as I did in the past, I am still an active Photographer and look forward to meeting you and helping you to capture your memories!