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Don't Lose Your Photos - Back that data UP!

July 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Something terrible happened to me last week!  My external hard drive that houses all my galleries for the past 5 years, crashed!  Just like THAT, it stopped working!  Thankfully, I back up everything 3 times, so nothing was lost, THANK GOODNESS!  I also have a super awesome Brother who is good with this sort of thing, and he was able to retrieve them for me!


It brought to light a very important message I must deliver more often.  I know I offer digital products are part of my packages, but please keep in mind that these digital files are only good for as long as they can be read by our electronic devices.  Did you know that the disk that your photos are burned on only carry a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty for defects?  Do you think that if the disk fails that they will replace the files on it?  Nope, only the disk!  Because of this, it is so important that you back up your photos every couple of years.  As technology changes, so does the need to update to the most recent version of data storage.


This is also a great time to tell you that although we LOVE to have our photos in digital format; it does not replace the need to have actual prints made.  Think of Grandma's tote, chest, bucket, etc.; FULL of pictures.  You could sit and go through them for hours, or even days, remembering all those memories.  What happens when you come across an envelope full of negatives?  If you are like me, you throw them into the negative envelope, because hey, maybe one day you will transfer them to a disk (but probably not).  But, it holds true, the REAL treasure is the print!  Right there in your fingertips, staring at you with all those memories of times past.  Some are good, some are bad, some are embarrassing, but they are all memories!


I want to share with you a special discount, now through July 18th.  You can use coupon code "ILOVEPRINTS" to save 25% off ALL products in your gallery, as well as enjoy 50% off your shipping costs.  This coupon code expires on July 18th, so don't delay in getting those memories off of your disk (or out of your gallery for those who have not made any purchases), and get them on to your walls, in your photo album, or even in a drawer.  Just have them!

Thank you for your continued support!  Hope you have a blessed and picture perfect day!



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